vendredi 24 juin 2011


Tyler et son chagrin dans Remember Me: l'histoire d'un voyage inachevé

One of the main themes of the film is Tyler's pain, born with his elder brother Michael's unexplained suicide. Tyler carries his grief everywhere with him, all the time, just as he carries his diary, a visible symbol for this sorrow. The film's story is actually about Tyler's journey through pain, and how he slowly learns to cope with it through newfound love and hope. The ending is all the more poignant because Tyler will never be given the chance to live longer to complete his journey to healing.

"My pain. It  is everywhere. In everything".
"Mon chagrin est partout, en toutes choses"


L'un des grands thèmes du film est le chagrin de Tyler, qui tire son origine du suicide inexpliqué de son frère aîné Michael. Tyler transporte sa douleur partout avec lui, tout le temps, tout comme il a toujours sur lui son journal, symbole bien visible de sa tristesse. L'histoire du film est en réalité celle du voyage de Tyler dans le chagrin, et montre comment il apprend lentement à faire face grâce à l'amour et à l'espoir retrouvés. La fin est d'autant plus poignante que Tyler n'aura jamais la chance de pouvoir continuer à vivre pour terminer son voyage vers la guérison.

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  1. Interesting what you say about the diary being the 'visible symbol for this sorrow'. Nice phrasing. I've just re-done Tyler's diary, my old article, and this is one thing I did not say. I love the way your mind works.

  2. Hi jesse, it's a coincidence but this short post somehow echoes your new version of your article - it's not exactly about the diary but close to it. It's strange, I thought you had said maybe in other words that his diary was among many other things a symbol for his grief, but maybe I imagined it.
    I begin to think that this whole blog is my diary, my way of copîng with the grief and the emotions the film inflicted on me, just as your articles are like pages of your own diary.

  3. Aw, Rum, remember, it's been a long time since RM came out and, whatever our reasons for writing what we do, whatever our needs, it is worthwhile. I hope you know that.

    Yes, 'symbol for his grief', and for his journey.