lundi 8 août 2011

Tyler's Birthday Gif

Gif de l'anniversaire de Tyler

A pretty gif representing Tyler's birthday.
Un joli gif de l'anniversaire de Tyler.

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It's a pretty family scene when you see the film for the first time, but a poignant one when you see it a second time, because we know now it is Tyler's last birthday.
C'est une jolie scène de famille lorsque l'on visionne le film pour la première fois, et elle se transforme en une scène poignante lorsque l'on revoit le film, car l'on sait alors que cet anniversaire est aussi le dernier anniversaire de Tyler.

4 commentaires:

  1. I love this moment of the movie,very touching....

  2. Yes Anonyme I agree it was a very touching moment.. actually it wrings my heart every time just thinking of it, because it's his last birthday. It's as if his life got symbolically blown out when the candles go out. Thx for the comment...

  3. Oh yes, Rum, the symbolism is pretty overt.
    And the fact that it is fire, the smoke from the towers, all that too.
    Sorry, it is a touching moment, but so sad when you know the ending.

  4. Hi jessegirl! Yes, I know, the twin candles, the fire, the smoke.. so much symbolism in this innocent scene, as in many others of this film. It keeps amazing me how they've inserted so many silent clues everywhere.
    The birthday scene, so close to the ending of the film, will always remain a sort of death scene to me. I really feel that when he blows his candles, it's like his soul were leaving him. It is so heartbreaking.