jeudi 18 août 2011


Un article sur Remember Me dans le magazine japonais Movie Walker 

The text of the article itself is not very original but you can read it here 
Le texte lui-même n'est pas très intéressant, mais vous pouvez le lire ici

RM was released only recently in theaters in Japan.
Les Japonais ont enfin pu découvrir RM en salles, la sortie du film étant décalée de plus d'un an par rapport à nous...

via Thinking Of Rob

4 commentaires:

  1. Rum, I keep wondering how much money will come in from the Japanese run of RM, and if and when we will see those figures reflected in sources like Box Office Mojo, thenumbers, and IMDb. I mean, it should count for international box office. It's just amazing that it's so late.

    Rum, the Sept. 11th anniversary is coming up.

  2. I suppose the numbers will be posted some day, but it seems to have had a rather limited release in Japan, so don't expect anything great. More than the numbers I would really like to know how the Japanese reacted to this film....
    Yes, I know, 9/11 coming soon.. I wonder if Kat is going to post something?
    I'd like to do something but no time for something complex... I'll post something even if it's only a picture though, but if you want to write me something short, you know I'd love that.

  3. Yeah, something short. I've been concentrating on my book these days. I wonder whatthe Americans will do on that day.

  4. I wonder if they wil do anything special - 9/11/11, it's a strange number. I think I will post a few pictures related to the end. There are many of poor Tyler at the tower window, the moment has struck people deeeply. I will just post a brief sentence saying me must remember all the loved ones who were lots on that day, and remmaber they were simple people who were loved and had hopes and whose life was brutally cut short, like Tyler's.