jeudi 27 mai 2010



C’est Noël avant l’heure ! Je n’ai encore jamais vu certaines de ces photos, sauf peut-être celles de Tyler avec Ally (maison de bord de mer, foire) et celle de Tyler et Aidan allant en cours.
It’s Christmas in May! We’ve got new RM stills. I think most are really brand new, except maybe the ones showing Tyler and Ally (beach house, funfair) and Tyler and Aidan going to class.

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  1. Hymn To Apollo

    John Keats (English Poet)

    God of the golden bow,
    And of the golden lyre,
    And of the golden hair,
    And of the golden fire,
    Of the patient year,
    Where---where slept thine ire,
    When like a blank idiot I put on thy wreath,
    Thy laurel, thy glory,
    The light of thy story,
    Or was I a worm---too low crawling for death?
    O Delphic Apollo!

    The Thunderer grasp'd and grasp'd,
    The Thunderer frown'd and frown'd;
    The eagle's feathery mane
    For wrath became stiffen'd---the sound
    Of breeding thunder
    Went drowsily under,
    Muttering to be unbound.
    O why didst thou pity, and beg for a worm?
    Why touch thy soft lute
    Till the thunder was mute,
    Why was I not crush'd---such a pitiful germ?
    O Delphic Apollo!

    The Pleiades were up,
    Watching the silent air;
    The seeds and roots in Earth
    Were swelling for summer fare;
    The Ocean, its neighbour,
    Was at his old labour,
    When, who---who did dare
    To tie for a moment, thy plant round his brow,
    And grin and look proudly,
    And blaspheme so loudly,
    And live for that honour, to stoop to thee now?
    O Delphic Apollo!

    To Tyler Keats Hawkins, my Apollo and my John Keats, a great English poet and enthusiast of Greek mithology.
    To you Rum, for sharing with us the beautiful research you have been doing about Greek mithology.
    P.S. To Rob, too, for playing Tyler so beautifully, in a very special way, so expressive, as I can confirm in these new and wonderful stills.

    Have a nice weekend to you all!

    Pour Tyler Hawkins Keats, mon Apollon et mon John Keats, un grand poète anglais et passionné de mithology grec.
    Pour vous Rum, de partager avec nous les belles recherches que vous avez fait à propos mithology grec.
    P.S. Pour Rob, aussi, pour jouer à Tyler si belle, d'une manière très spéciale, si expressif, que je peux vous confirmer dans ces nouveaux et merveilleux stills.

    Bonne fin de semaine à vous tous!

  2. Grrr j'adore tout ses nouveau stills

  3. Juste un mot : MERCI

  4. Merci tout le monde!
    LTavares thank you for this beautiful poem!!