mardi 10 août 2010

Rob Wins at the Teen Choice Awards - Choice Movie Actor: Drama

Rob remporte le prix TCA (Teen Choice Awards) dans la catégorie Film dramatique

Come on ! Quick! You've just won the Choice Movie Actor award for Drama at the TCA!
Not a freaking, giant blue surfboard. Again.

Rob won the award for Choice Movie Actor in the drama cat­e­gory for his role of Tyler in Remember Me, on Monday, August 9, 2010.
Rob a remporté le prix des TCA, qui ont eu lieu lundi 9 août, pour son rôle de Tyler dans Remember Me, dans la catégorie Films dramatiques.

The audience was screaming so loudly it's difficult to hear what he said when he accepted the award, apart from It's great to win something outside of Twilight! But he also thanked Allen Coulter, the RM director, and Nick Osbourne, the producer.
Les cris du public déchaîné font qu'il est un peu difficile d'entendre ce qu'il dit lorsqu'il reçoit le prix, si on excepte C'est super de gagner quelque chose en dehors de Twilight, mais il remercie au passage Allen Coulter, le réalisateur de RM et Nick Osbourne, le producteur.
Well, at least that surfboard is coloured-matched with my shirt. And my eyes.

There was really tough competition in the category, though, with Jack Gyllenhall and Tobey Maguire who were both excellent in the beautiful, heart-wrenching Brothers film, Channing Tatum in Dear John, and Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker.
On peut observer que la concurrence était plutôt rude dans cette catégorie avec en course Jack Gyllenhall et Tobey Maguire, tous les deux à mon avis excellents dans le très beau et poignant film Brothers, Channing Tatum dans Dear John, et Jeremy Renner dans Les Démineurs.

You can see the video here (turn down your loudspeakers though):
Vous pouvez voir la vidéo ici (mais attention les oreilles, baissez le volume des hauts-parleurs d'abord)


8 commentaires:

  1. Good for Robert. But i'm so sorry that Emilie wasn't in the nomination for best actress drama.
    Emilie is a really good actress.

  2. kicou!!Rum
    Génial enfin se film et vue pour se qu'il et vraiment, il et enfin récompensé!!!!
    je suis contente il le mérite largement et Rob aussi, il et merveilleux dans se rôle...Rien a dire!!lol!!!
    bisous Elise

  3. @lucia, I agree with you. I wish they did not overlook Emilie so much all the time. I absolutely loved her interpretation of Ally. She's so crucial to the film and her chemistry with Rob was amazing and touching. I really discovered her in RM, as I had never seen Lost (and still haven't). I hope we'll see her soon in new interesting projects.

  4. Hello Elise ! Oui c'est cool, j'aurais pensé que les jeunes voteraient pour Dear John, mais non. Cela dit, tu sais, ce prix des TCA n'est pas très intéressant professionnellement, c'est un truc réservé aux ados et ça n'a pas une grande valeur dans le monde du ciné sauf promotionnelle et publicitaire. Je pense que Rob le sait très bien, mais il a eu l'élégance d'y aller quand même. Je suis contente que RM ait été choisi, je pensais vraiment qu'il ne gagnerait pas.

  5. Go, Rob!
    Something for RM is good.
    More for RM, I'll be ecstatic.

  6. @jesse - So right. Yes, we want more. I was telling the other blogger above that those awards are really nothing on a professional level, they're more for promotional purposes, veen though Rob gracefully accepted the award. But it's annoying how they don't even let him be heard with their screeching. The TCA"s are better than nothing but I do wish he could get out of these teen thing asap and quickly move on to more interesting things. We've already seen him at the Bafta's,a s a presenter,that's a good sign for things to come, isn't it? It's professional recognition by his peers. And we do need something more mature (even it's little-known some indie award for example) for RM. I know you're aiming really high... I would be content with something indie but respectable. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  7. I agree, Emilie's performance should be acknowledged too. She gave a unique flair to Ally.

    Rum, regarding RM accolades: Anything, I guess, but the world is out of whack.

  8. Maybe there will still be luck jesse. Maybe RM will get some award we don't even know of yet! :))
    I give it my personal award anyway. My blog's Golden Award for Most Beautiful, Realistic, Deep, Touching, Poignant, Well-Acted, Deep, Literate, Bittersweet, Intelligent, HeartBreaking But Heartwarming, and Courageous Film Ever Made.