mercredi 15 juin 2011


Une scène jamais vue dans Remember Me...

Personne sauf moi ne s'est jamais demandé à quoi pouvaient bien correspondre les images de tournage de cette scène que l'on n'a jamais vue dans le film? Une brunette à l'air furieux fait un doigt d'honneur à Tyler, sans même se retourner, et il se contente de rire, clope au bec.
Has any one ever wondered what scene the set pics we see below were for? The dark girl, glowering and looking terribly pissed, walks away from Tyler and gives him the flip. He looks a bit astounded first then just laughs, still smoking all the while.

1 commentaire:

  1. I guess she was just another 'toothbrush girl' to Tyler and, obviously, didn't like being treated that way. That's how I read it anyway. I always laugh when I see these pictures of a deleted scene, which was never explained on the DVD.