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EF Top Ten Films Of The Year 2010 (Jan-Jun)
Le palmarès EF des 10 meilleurs films de 2010 (janvier à juin)

Remember Me was chosen as #1 of fhe top ten films of 2010 (January to June) by  Entertainment Focus.
Although they strongly disliked the ending, they posted a very interesting and positive review of the film which you can read here: EF Remember Me Review

Remember Me est arrivé numéro un des dix meilleurs films de 2010 (période de janvier à juin) retenus par le site Entertainment Focus.
Bien qu’ils reprochent sa fin au film, ils en ont une critique intéressante et positive (voir lien ci-dessus, en anglais seulement, mais je vous promets d’en traduire des extraits très bientôt).

We're EF number one!! Yay!!

As we reach the half-way point of the year (where has the time gone?!) EF selects the top ten films of 2010 from January through to June. It’s been a surprising 6 months with some of the bigger, more anticipated blockbusters falling to the wayside as hidden gems rose to prominence.
Alors même que nous atteignons le milieu de l’année (mais comment le temps a-t-il pu passer si vite?!) , EF a fait sa sélection de dix meilleurs films de 2010 pour la période de janvier à juin. Ce semestre a été surprenant, certains des gros blockbusters les plus attendus s’effaçant au profit de joyaux cachés qui leur dament le pion.

Without further ado, here are the Top 10 films of 2010 so far…
Foin de palabres, voici le Top des 10 films de 2010 jusqu’à présent …

No 10
It's Complicated
No 9
No 8
No 7
Iron Man 2
No 6
Brooklyn’s Finest
No 5
Solomon Kane
No 4
Robin Hood
No 3
She's Out Of My League
No 2
The Wolfman
No 1
Remember Me

Source: EF Top 10 Films of 2010

6 commentaires:

  1. Great! I'm glad someone has thought to acknowledge it this way. I read the review and, while fine, it did not 'get' the ending. I felt like sending him to the Brevet post, the interview with Will. Because what Jason says about the ending is so wrong.
    It's funny with some of these entities: What is Entertainment Focus?

  2. Hi jessegirl! To be honest, I don't know what EF is and had no time to do research. But I saw that they seemed to like RM a lot, which is a good thing,and that it would make a nice, quick fun post. They have this interview with Rob too, in their press coverage section, and the film review. They do not get the ending, but we're used to this now. The ending was bound to be polarizing, I think that's what the film-makers said. The review is old anyway, but I didn't know of it. But I guess we can't turn our noses up at a #1... can we?

  3. I know, Rum, 'can't turn up our noses', And you're right about the divisiveness of the ending but this Jason didn't seem to know where Will got his ideas from or how he approached it when he wrote the story. (It seemed like the Brevet post was the way to go, although I didn't comment there because I'd have to register and I really want as few of those as possible.)
    Neveretheless, it looks good to have RM come in at #1 somewhere online.

  4. @jessegirl, there's still something which bothers me about the ending. After all, a film is supposed to work on its own. Most people did not know how the filmmakers approached RM or where they were coming from, and many (not all of them thank God ! - rejected the ending and/or were mad about it. We've talked about all this so many times already, but still - there seems to be a lot of people who do not get the ending. So ... maybe it doesn't really work. I dont know, I have to think about this. You see, a film must be able to stand on its own. We're not suposed to do research about it before going into the theater. As an average viewer, I must be able to understand the film even if I know strictly nothing about it beforehand. So the question is : does the ending of RM work, or doesn't it? Mmhh.. this is going to be long and tricky to unravel...

  5. Je suis contente que cet excellent film soit enfin reconnu. Une bonne nouvelle !

  6. Valérie, moi aussi ! Cela dit, hum, Entertainment Focus n'est pas quelque chose de connu ou influent. Mais faute de grives... :))