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Partage d’idées sur Remember Me - 9

In these short posts, called Sharing Thoughts, I post some short comments or ideas sent to me by friends and readers of the blog or posted by bloggers on other sites.
Dans ces posts courts, Partage d’idées, je poste des commentaires courts ou des idées que m’envoient des amis et des lecteurs du blog ou postés par des bloggers sur d'autres sites.

IMDB Board RM User Reviews, rainbowpoet (United States, 14 March 2010)
What 'Remember Me' accomplishes with its riveting, no-holds-barred storytelling and its brilliant final sequence is a feat rarely, if ever, attempted so tastefully. It connects us with so many aspects of our reality, our own world, and our own history, that many of us try not to face. It forces us to examine what certain significant events mean in the progression of our lives and the lives of our families and friends. It examines how we relate to one another in both the simplest and most complex of our relationships. It ties our daily lives together with the unexpected, which is something that is often unavoidable whether we are prepared for it or not. And it provides us with some insight as to how to deal with our hardships in life. It doesn't give us all the answers, as no film or book or story of any kind could ever do, but it certainly inspires us to ask the tough questions.

Avis des spectateurs du forum RM sur IMDB - rainbowpoet (États-Unis, 14 mars 2010)
Ce que Remember Me accomplit, au travers d’une narration fascinante, refusant toute contraintes, et sa remarquable séquence finale, est un exploit qui a rarement, voire jamais été tenté avec autant de tact. Le film nous met en contact avec tant d’aspects de notre réalité, de notre monde et de notre propre histoire que beaucoup d’entre nous s’efforcent de ne pas regarder en face. Il nous force à examiner la signification de certains événements importants dans la progression de nos vies et de celles de nos proches et amis. Il étudie les relations que nous tissons mutuellement, depuis les plus simples jusqu’aux plus complexes. Il relie notre quotidien à l’inattendu, bien souvent inévitable, que nous y soyons préparés ou non. Et il nous donne quelques pistes pour faire face aux difficultés de la vie. Remember Me ne nous donne pas toutes les réponses, car aucun film, aucun livre, aucun récit, quels qu’ils soient, ne sont capables de le faire, mais il nous incite indéniablement à nous poser les questions les plus douloureuses.

Source: IMDB RM User Reviews

14 commentaires:

  1. Tout est dit en quelques phrases. Bravo belle analyse.

  2. rainbowpoet has it right. I especially loved the line: "What 'Remember Me' accomplishes with its riveting, no-holds-barred storytelling and its brilliant final sequence is a feat rarely, if ever, attempted so tastefully." Absolutely!
    Thanks, Rum for the post. It's so wonderful hearing such positive things from others. And I loved the screencap. I think one could write a whole post around this photo. Hmm.

  3. @jessegirl - yes, it would fit nicely with your piece on the Ending. There's actually tons of comments everywhere which you could quote in your piece. If you collected all the positive viewer's comments about the ending, you would get a several meter-long article and you would need the Brooklyn Bridge to span the "Divide" between viewers and those arrogant critics!
    I had to scan the IMDB posts for a long time though, before I could find anything worth quoting, well-written and interesting... :((
    The screencap is beautiful, this image haunted me for a long time. You want to scream and tell him: don't go there. Turn your bike back. Or at least go and wait for your father somewhere else, go to your usaul coffee-shop.

  4. Yes, wait in the coffee shop, Tyler!
    The Noguchi red cube. More to be said on that.

    Rum, my piece on the Ending was so long already and I did find lots of good quotes. I'm stupidly scanning the rotten tomatoes now for the piece on Robert in RM and it's like slogging through mud.

  5. @Jessegirl, j'ai cru comprendre que tu avais envie de faire un post autour de cette image et je ne peux que t'y encourager. Je le lirais avec plaisir.Que dis-je dis même je l'attends avec impatience.
    Pourquoi Tyler n'est-il pas aller boire un café en attendant Charles? La vie tient à peu de choses. Etre là au mauvais endroit au mauvais moment.
    Nous avons tous apprécié le tact et le respect avec lesquels a été traitée la scène finale.

  6. @jessegirl: Valérie says that "she would love it if you did a post about this picture with Tyler and the Noguchi cube... she's even impatient to read it"... now you know... you've got another avid reader. She also says this: "Why didn't Tyler go and have coffee somewhere else while he was waiting for Charles? Life depends on such tiny twists of fate: you're in the wrong place at the wrong moment. We all have liked the tactful, respectful way the final scene was done in the film."

  7. @jesse - Don't slush through the mud. Don't go there, it will sully you. We don't need the critics and their stupidity. They want so much to influence the public... most of us just ignore them. For example, Eclipse got terrible reviews in France (as did all the twilight movies) but it has broken records. It was a slap in the face for the critics and the fanboys who were actually hoping for Eclipse to bomb at the box-office! How stupid can you get?? People don't give a hoot about what they say, except for a minority. The Divide, as you say... oh I think some day I will translate the piece you posted on the BB's thread about critics and sexism. I'm itching to throw a few more than ripe tomatoes at them. But really, you shouldnt do them the nonour of reading their crap. That's why I decided not to post any reviews here as a rule, it would be doing them a service they don't deserve.

  8. Valerie,
    Why didn't Tyler go to the cafe?
    He didn't need to tell Michael anything.
    It was all there, in his voiceover, done.
    But, as you said, fate.

    Of course, writers, artists, know Fate very well and it cannot be left out of stories like this one. This one doesn't cover the criteria for 'true' tragedies--like Sophocles or Shakespeare--but it is, nevertheless, tragic. I'm working on that one. 'Pity and terror', catharsis, and, Fate.

    Rum...Well, I was wading through, looking for good reviews of RP's performance, because there were supposed to be some, but they were few and far between. I had to slog to get to them. And I only scanned for that particular information--although seeing the rest of the mud was inevitable--if I hear the name James Dean one more time I think I'll scream. (Although I'm sure RP has studied him, honestly, Rob is better. I just saw 'Rebel' and I compared.)

  9. jessegirl, I've had an idea this morning (yes, another one ! again! it's probably a Geminis thing...). The three of us - you, me and Valérie - seem to respond to this scene/pic, and I suggested we could each of us write a short post (like a couple of paragraphs, no more) about it. Then I would post our three points of view together. What do you think? There's no hurry and it wouldn't be just for now, as Valérie is going on holidays till mid-August and wil not have any Internet connection, and you will also be gone some time in August. But that's the general idea. It can also be applied to other pictures or scenes. Let's say it would be like a variation on the Discussion group... it would be like three persons playing the same score but giving a different interpretation. Tell me if you like the idea!

  10. Please un peu d'indulgence si les incorrections pleuvent.

    Jessegirl, I'm going to try write en english for you. Please I'm sorry for mistakes and it's very difficult for me.
    I want to say, I don't like read blabla Rob / James Dean. As you, I'm sure Rob was studied him and many other biggest actors. He is a professional with natural ambition and serious. I'm sure James Dean would be very bad in RM. This personnality is very different as Rob.
    Rob is Rob. Rob is better.

  11. Rum and Valerie, I'd love to have a 3-way about certain things. Yeah, August vacation, no internet. That'll be interesting.

    Valerie, yes Rob is better than Dean, and I couldn't imagine Dean as Tyler. Tyler is Robert's and no one else's. Thanks for trying the English, which is pretty good. Maybe my French will get better as we comment. I have understood snatches here and there but not the core meaning many times.

  12. hi @jesse, I'll keep the idea of the 3-way post in mind. I'll be posting less things on the blog in August but it will give me time to translate your various articles for September...
    About Dean: I saw only 2 of Dean's 3 films and that was very long ago, so I actually don't remember. I've bought the DVD of Rebel without a cause, I'll see if I have tome to watch some day. It's a classic anyway... I've found some old pics of Dean and I would say that the only comparison you can make is that they have indeed used the physical likeness in some of Rob's photoshoots (the Vanity Fair one for example), it's clearly intended and he probably had fun with it. But that's all there is, apparently, I remember he said he was flattered to be compared to JD and that obviously every young actor could be influenced by Dean in some way or other, but he added that he thought the likeness was mainly due "to the hairdo". Typical Rob stuff :))
    Whenever there's something importantt in the French comments I try to translate it for you so you don't miss anything.

  13. @Valérie, jessegirl est d'accord pour faire des posts courts à 3 sur cette scène ou d'autres... alors retenons l'idée !!

  14. Rum, you probably know Dean was in only 3 movies: 'Rebel Without a Cause', 'East of Eden' and 'Giant'. I think he was really good in East of Eden. Haven't seen Giant for a while but he was doing his James Dean thing a lot, if I recall. Rebel is this classic everybody points to and he was good but they probably made a big deal out of it because it was different at the time. I think Rebel is an overrated film. Although some say he was ripping off Brando.

    Yeah, I think with Rob it's the hair and facial similarity if photographed a certain way/angle. (Dean looked very different with the hair in his face and with his nerdy glasses on. He reminded me of Rob in Bad Mother's Handbook. Once Jimi took that hair off his forehead and grew it he had his look.)
    I still think, because of Rob's facial structure that that part of the Edward look, from Twilight, was the best, -but tone down the bouffant!-because all of his features are so strong that hair should come off the forehead to balance it. Rob can look a bit like Dean, Brando and Presley too, at times, when styalized. But, and this is what all the people who say he's an imitation say, the broody thing is something both Dean and Brando did, or sulking. Rob is so much more nuanced, I think, although I'd have to study the others. I'm not interested enough to do that because I think it's irrelevant and that Rob is one of a kind, in looks and acting.