lundi 21 juin 2010


Dessins pour Remember Me

Just a drawing of mine for fun today - remembering a nice scene.
Aujourd'hui juste un petit dessin à moi, en souvenir d'une jolie scène.


Tyler - I told her she could stay, is that OK?
Je lui ai dit qu'elle pouvait rester, c'est OK?
Aidan - As long she needs...
Tant qu'elle voudra...
Tyler - Thank you... (he lights a cigarette) Both stay silent.  
Merci ( il allume une cigarette). Tous deux restent assis en silence.

7 commentaires:

  1. Hello! très jolie dessin moi j'aime cette scène surtout quand il dit "si faut réparé le verrou" et "tu croit que la PUTE"hihihi
    Biz Elise

  2. Oh la la merci Elise, ben dis donc t'es rapide, je viens juste de le publier, l'encre est à peine sèche ! Morte de rire ! gros bisous

  3. Your art is very impressive. Simple, minimalistic, I love it. Very stylish. You should think on doing something, combining your drawings with quotes from RM. Just a thought.

  4. Thanks again LTavares! I'm so glad you like this drawing. I love drawings so much... You know, we've already done what you've suggested: I did a drawing and jessegirl wrote an article for it. It's an older post, about Tyler's diary, the drawing shows him writing in his diary. But I think your idea of putting up a drawing and a quote is really good, and I'm going to think about it too! Big hugs!

  5. Yeah, I second LTavares' idea, Rum!

  6. Thanks jessegirl! One reader of the blog even asked me today if she could use one of my drawings for her avatar on our forum... and I'm so absurdly happy about such a little thing! It's like having a book you've written or a work of art you've have made, hidden in a drawer, and suddenly showing them to people and finding that yes, some people do like them. I'm sure you know what I mean, as a writer... validation, if on the humblest scale, always means alot.

  7. That's so cool, Rum!

    Oh yeah, validation can't be beat.