samedi 17 juillet 2010


In these short posts, called Sharing Thoughts, I post some short comments or ideas sent to me by friends and readers of the blog or posted on other sites.  
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Partage d’idées sur Remember Me

Pandora, 16 juillet 2010, forum Twilight France, topic Remember Me
Moi aussi j'ai adoré ce film. Il fait ressortir toutes nos émotions plus ou moins partagées. La mort de jeunes, de proches... Nous aurions voulu une happy-end, mais la vie sait être si cruelle parfois.
J'ai vu ce film en avril à sa sortie. Je me souviens avoir pleuré, tout comme les autres femmes présentes cet après-midi là.
Tous les jours il me hante. J'ai adoré les jeu des acteurs, l'histoire.
Merci à eux.

Pandora, july 16,2010, Twilight France Forum, on our Remember Me topic
I too have loved this film. RM is a film which releases all our common, shared emotions. It's about the death of young people, the death of our loved ones... we would have loved it to have a happy end, but life is sometimes so cruel.
I saw this film last April when it was released in theaters. I remember that I cried, like the other women who sat in the theater on this afternoon. This film haunts me everyday. I deeply love the actors's performances and the script. A big thank-you to the filmmakers and the cast.

Pandora, merci de m'avoir permis de te citer.

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  1. Yes, Pandora, 'releases our common, shared emotions'. That's it exactly. We all relate so well to it. How does it do that? I'm still floored if ever I hear someone who was not moved by it, you know, not their 'cup of tea'. Art is like that, a matter of individual taste, just as book preferences are, but it's still hard to understand for those who love it when others do not. That goes both ways though.
    But this film got so many people to feel so much it is astounding.