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Tyler’s Diary For Sale
Le journal de Tyler vendu aux enchères

Jessegirl, this post is dedicated to you…
I know how much you would love to get
hold of Tyler’s diary…

http://www.premiereprops.coms/ is dedicated to selling movie props and movie memorabilia and movie costumes. You’ll find tons of things from the film there – clothes worn on set by the cast, even Tyler’s shoes, keychains, beer bottles, cigarettes, etc… I’ll make a fun post about that later, but did you know they were also selling Tyler’s diary? Or rather, the prop diary used in the film. There’s even two versions of it : the whole diary with its old black cover, but also a bunch of rolled-up pages.
I know we have all been deeply moved by this diary which Tyler carries around with him everywhere and which – in a way - is the last thing we see of him when it lands on the rubble, and many of us have wondered what could be in it. Did they actually write something significant in the prop diary? Poetry, quotations, real thoughts which could have been Tyler’s? Did Rob himself write something in it? Is it his handwriting we really see in the few glimpses we get of the diary ? Maybe he jotted down the words of some songs he was thinking of writing at that time? Who knows…

Le site http://www.premiereprops.coms/est un site spécialisé dans la revente aux enchères d’accessoires et d’objets de tournage de films, et des costumes portés par les acteurs. On y trouve des masses d’objets du film : les vêtements de tous les acteurs, et même les chaussures de Tyler, son porte-clés, sa bouteille de bière, ses cigarettes.. je ferai un petit post rigolo avec le détail de tout ça plus tard. Mais surtout, saviez-vous que le site revend le journal de Tyler ? En tout cas, celui qui a été utilisé dans le film. Il en existe même deux versions: le journal complet avec sa vieille couverture noire et aussi un rouleau de pages attachées par un élastique.
Je sais que nous avons tous été profondément touchés par ce journal que Tyler emporte partout avec lui et qui, d’une certaine façon, est la dernière chose qui nous reste de lui lorsqu’on l’aperçoit dans les cendres et les décombres. Beaucoup d’entre nous se sont demandés ce qu’il y avait dedans. Y avait–il réellement quelque chose d’important écrit dans le journal utilisé sur le tournage ? Des poèmes, des citations, des réflexions qui pourraient avoir été celles de Tyler ? Rob lui-même a-t-il écrit quelque chose dedans? Est-ce son écriture que nous entrevoyons dans les quelques rares gros plans que nous avons des pages du journal? Peut-être Rob a-t-il noté les paroles de chansons qu’il composait à cette époque-là ? Qui sait ?

The diary /Le journal

Direct from the set of Remember Me, this is Tyler Hawkins' (Robert Pattinson) double, extremely distressed and dirty, worn brown leather with robe tie, handwritten pages and mementoes inside, journal distressed for the WTC scene. This is an incredibly key prop from the film and would be a fantastic keepsake from the film! (approx. 7" x 4" rolled up)

Venu tout droit du plateau de tournage de Remember Me, voici le journal (le »double’) de Tyler (joué par Robert Pattinson), extrêmement abîmé et sali, couverture en cuir marron usé attaché par une ficelle, contenant des pages manuscrites et des notes. Le journal a été volontairement abîmé pour la scène de l’attentat. Un accessoire incroyablement important dans le film qui ferait un souvenir extraordinaire ! (dimensions env. 18 cm x 10 cm roulé)

Tied-up journal pages - Le rouleau de pages

Direct from the set of Remember Me, this is Tyler Hawkins' (Robert Pattinson) extra off white with lines journal pages wrapped with a rubber band. (approx. 7 1/2" long)
En direct du plateau de tournage de Remember Me, pages supplémentaires du journal de Tyler, de couleur blanc cassé, avec lignes, attachées en rouleau par un élastique (longueur env. 19 cm)
Tyler's diary:

4 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much for the dedication!
    I'm looking at the picture of the it, the black cover so He Touched Often, the distressed pages, and I'm sobbing onto my keyboard. It Means So Much To Me That You Care.

    It's just a dream, I Can not AFFORD it and There Will be people with money Will not Hesitate to Spend.It Means Nothing to me if it is Not The Only diary, the one ET Handled Every Time. Do They Make to sell fakes More Than One? Oh well, you're kindness Itself means clustering so much.

    Tyler and His wonderful diary, and it breaks my heart Gives Me Hope. It Is The emblem, the symbol of the big movie.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi @jessegirl! I'm so sorry, I didn't mean this post to make you sad. I wanted it to be a nice post about the diary (I will make another more serious one about it some day) and an anecdote about the film props sales, something I didn't even know existed before RM. I guess this is not the only diary used for the film, and I think the rolled-up pages are just blank. If Rob ever wrote anything himself in that diary, you can bet he kept it for himself and it wouldn't be sold. Still, it's a powerful symbol, and I don't think this one is fake. They generally use several identical props in all films, I remember they made 3 identical dreamcatchers for New Moon for example. This diary is certainly the one you see in the ashes, at the end. Of course, the price is horrendous and I wonder if the person who will buy it - if anyone ever buys it - will reveal what's in it. On a lighter note, I remember someone posting somewhere that she had bought "the giant freaking panda" which has also been sold.
    I'm glad however that I've been able to dedicate a post to you on this newborn blog. It keeps me so busy and happy, it's like making a scrapbook and writing a diary!
    Talk to you later. Take care.

  3. Wow! Great find! Now if I could only afford it.

    I don't think they would make many of them just to sell them. It would definitely be from the film. Don't know how many there were, though.

  4. Hi Kat! Oh dear, I'm so happy :)) to find a comment of yours here **blushing** I am honoured - really. I really think the diary is from the film., but it's overpriced. I'm curious to see if anyone will buy it though. I will check on their site, when the auction is closed they usually post it, although they don't reveal the final bidding price. Maybe the person who buys it will reveal one day what's in the diary. I'll keep an eye open for that too.